imagining this will be a space where i’ll be talking shit

some people are sowing in this season, while others are reaping. everyone’s time is different. no one season is a like.

I’m not “nice,” I just have a good heart. Trying to be more like Christ everyday man.

wherever I go in life, I want all of my friends RIGHT beside me. who the fuck wants to go to the top alone? NOT ME 😭 my niggas gotta come man. this life is not mine to live alone.

I pride myself on being a real bitch. I pride myself on being trustworthy…on people confiding in me. On making people feel joy and happiness at all times. PRIDE. MYSELF. ON. IT.

I one day hope to dance only half as well as yungbbq – the creator of dance

We have to normalize being human. We have to normalize people making mistakes and growing from them. We have to normalize vulnerability. We have to normalize just being. Not judging other people. Not minding others people business, but focusing on ourselves.

There is nothing more satisfying than finding out about your favorite podcast when it’s already like 2 years in. Bruh. Prodcasting is a different kind of binge. You just listen. You can listen while doing anything – on the move or while idle. This was The Read for me. Such a beautiful feeling. Shoutout to Bibi for getting me hip to the show. 🌴

I love Westside Gunn’s boyish cadence. It’s fresh and sharp 🐊

I love them vintage designer pieces. I really do. But them pointy ass boots shortys be wearing. Giving hocus pocus. Pew

I live my life everyday with my inner child on purpose. It’s so much fucking fun. Lots of weird noises. Different funny personalities. Cracking jokes. Weird faces. Break dancing. Singing. The weird made up voices are my favorites. It’s just fun. Sometimes it gets in the way of my productivity though. That’s where my balance falls short. I’m trying though. Maybe it’s a battle of the mental (has to be). Anyway, It’s nice to be on the journey and God is there overseeing all of it. It’s peace.

Somebody making you a playlist is fucking u thru music man

🌴 All making music is is just talking ya shit over a beat. everybody start making music. Start talking your shit. it’ll change the world I promise lmao Ya know ya niggas want to. No perfect time. Niggas already making music ahead of the curve. I want more people to gas themselves up out loud 💀I luhhhh dis. I luhhhh making music dawg

🌴What I wrote yesterday I didn’t find it interesting after reading it today. I take it back. I’m glad barely anybody read it 💀

Da baby’s “find my way” video is exactly what I expected queen & slim to be

lil John gotta produce all of saweetie beats from here on out.

4/4/2020 9:58 pm| thug eating so good dawg 😭😭 all the skinny niggas getting fluffy at the wrong time but I luhhhh dat LMAO

When I’m going thru something and I talk about it publicly, it kind of blows me when people reach out and express such pity or sympathy to me?? Idk maybe I should just be grateful? Lmao I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. Lmao idk I might be a little frazzled but I’m a strong bitch, so I don’t be wanting either. I’m grateful regardless though 🦋

🌴 | 3/27/2020

🌴 Q Day 4/ 3/19/20 1:06 pm | what is happening to people with other medical concerns, care, and need outside of the “corona virus”? I haven’t seen much about that or did I miss it?? Are they good? Are babies being still being born ok???? What’s happening

🍦🌴 3/15/20 9:02 | atheists should look to Pink Cat for guidance instead

🍦3/14/20 4:51 pm | yeeks getting clapt to chrome heart tags is a must. Just wow. What a symphony. allow me to live vicariously thru y’all sex lives

🌴 🌴 3/14/20 12:31 am | I would pick a nudy and SahBabii concert over one whole Beyoncé concert experience and I feel guilty for it as a Black woman 😭😭

3/13/20 12:09pm | ain’t shit better than a Thug feature

🌴🌴 3/11/20 9:11pm | I love how millennials choose flights and enjoyment over everything else. Fun rules all. You baby boomers who worked harder at work when shit got tough and chose to NOT go on vacation, YA BUGGIN. That’s on y’all. We turnt, ya burnt

🌴 3/10/20 9:58 pm | I think the root of relationships failing is too much dependency in self and your partner and not enough faith in God. Also,

Writers block >

3/10/20 7:39 pm | it’s not often I feel burnt out, tired, or exhausted from giving. Giving love. Giving copious amounts encouragement, adoration. Just love. So much. Too much?Giving giving giving. Giving to whoever just because there’s so much to give. But I’m tired. I don’t know what this space means or looks like because I haven’t been here before. It could be precipitating factors outside of this, but i’m still here. Still in this space. I don’t want the feeling of a lack of reciprocity to get me down because that’s not real. You shouldn’t give to receive. You should just give. The universe will always reward you for just being you. I need a refill. God breathes life into me. Everyday. I breathe life into myself. But I definitely wish another human being did the same ~ redirecting this energy.

3/9/20 7:40 pm | I like videos on YouTube of Black women, even if I don’t watch it. Off gp

🌴 3/9/20 6.53 pm | Many times when I randomly look on my IG, I think, “who the fuck is this bad bitch” deadass looking for her too 💀

3/7/20 1:32 am | Brilliant Idiots is my favorite podcast of all time.

🌴 3/4/20 2:30am | The two things my mom always taught me 1. Never kiss anybodies ass 2. Never cry about money.

🌴🌴 2/27/20 8:55 PM | I love when Black women take pride in their Mac n Cheese💀💀 warms my fucking heart. Like sis, I see you hyping dat shit up. I can’t wait to have a boite.

🌴🌴2/17/20 11:18 PM | basketball is the sexiest sport. Bitches really love a nigga that can hoop 💀 Quavo not even sexy but the fact that he can hoop make him dat

2/17/20 11:46 am | If my nudes ever leaked, I’d never be mad. Only fire photos have ever been sent. I rebuke this though.

2/17/20 7:37 am | when y’all are dating, please start choosing men and woman who’ve been transformed by the spirit of God. I’m telling you. You will know. You will be dating in true peace. Stop choosing these rinky dink ass niggas and bitches

Man there will never be anybody like young thug dawg wow. I STAN FOR LIFEEEEEE

🌴🌴 2/16/20 10:23pm |I feel like I know what every Travis Scott song will always sound like lmfaooo. Dawg. They all sound the same in some way (not being said condescendingly). He gotta bring back the $ to this name. Days before rodeo still don’t make no sense. That kind of greatness was wild. he really lucky he got don toliver on his label 😭😭😭

Michelle was the best on “Girl” by Destiny’s Child. Debate your bowl of pork n beans.

🌴🌴 2/16/20 7:40 pm| It’s really an honor to be apart of the Elite Team 🇳🇬 everybody is putting on beautifully in their own way. I stan. I love us. Choosing the best for yourself AND your people always wins. Everythinggggg is just about representing every part of yourself (hopefully you at your most glowed up self, tbh, so you can body in your own craft and way of life and doing your absolute best at it. Woooooooooooooooooo (I actually said this out loud as I typed it💀💀💀💀💀) cmon niggas. Put the donut down. No more self sabotaging at all. If you’re not, great, if you do at all ever (myself included), we stopping all that shit. We out here brooooo. We bodying. Or will. Think about the weirdest part about you, and being able to put on for that. Fucking cool If you ask meeeee🌴

🌴🌴Why the fuck didn’t I come up with NPR tiny desk yo this shit so fuckin fye. Always has been and always will be. They be keeping the fuck up with what be going on in every genre. I Stan. No out of touch white folk in that joint. I Stan. NBC get hip. Out of touch folk, executives, CEOS, your days are numbers. More and more people are learning to do everything on their own. You gotta come to THEM nice.

I want to be Buddy’s friend so badly. I love him like cooked food. 🌴🌴

My two best friends got the heart of dark skin women even though they type light. Those my dawgs. They solid ass Black women. Nicole and Simone I love y’all Niggas man 🌴💓

🌴 2/14/20 12:42am | Smino understands the Black woman’s natural hair journey. That’s what makes him so sexy outside of the music.

🌴🌴 I love seeing celebrities and poppin ass niggas out here killing shit. To me it’s a direct reflection of how God is blessing them as they serve him and the Kingdom. extreme thankfulness from both sides. It’s wonderful. I just wish more of them would talk about it out loud though. We SEE it but damn, let me hear it from the horses mouth 😭 when I’m out here forreal, I have so many damn stories I’m gonna share of GOD BLESSING AND SAVING A NIGGA. Chile. Can we talk about this more? Like out loud? Please. Ok thanks.

🌴Stop making people feel bad for saying nigga.

🌴1/22/20 | Niggas really be coming to your crib and using 2 squares of paper towel to dry their hands. Paper towel is expensive niggas. Ima start requiring niggas to bring their own paper towel to my crib.

1/26/20 | I feel like Thugger and Ye’s love child. Them niggas are ME. we are the same people. Just wait til I get some money

1/26/20 | Be sure to be praying for the success of others the way you do yourself.

🌴 1/27/20 | If i were Lori Harvey I would be with Future wild ass too. I’m tired of the slander! SIS IS UP 😭LMAO. Future sexthy

🌴 1/27/20 | Trying to fake keep up (in your head cuz window shopper) with all the fly shit you see dropping every week knowing damn well your budget does not permit

LMAO goofy shit. I’ve definitely tried to do that before and it’s always a bad idea. Don’t worry y’all the money is coming coming and we all see and appreciate your efforts to look like money-ish right now while you coming up lmfaoo (me to me😭) but if you scamming, stop that shit.

Stealing in any way is goofy as hell (anywhere with self check out may be overlooked though lmaooo)

🌴Allll the morning of 1/27/20 lmao – hate going back in my phone and watching concert videos from the night before and my dumbass is yelling and shouting as opposed to just watching or recording. Can’t hear no damn audio. Smh goofy. These be the reminders I have with myself to soon teach myself how to slowly begin to stop talking so much lol

🌴 No shade, but I really be blown when I mention “Ari” in random conversations, and some niggas think I’m talking about the mother of g herbo’s child. What da hale. It’s always Ari Lennox. Period. Kyle sister a different kind of weird ratchet ass fine though lmfao I don’t know why I love her, but then I actually do.

Life and finding your purpose is simply about showing others how the divine spirit shows up in your life and helps you celebrate, you. You have to show people how God is blessing you as you bless other people. Rihanna. Bey. Hov. Barack. These niggas are connected, divinely. I enjoy seeing how spirit shows up and out in the lives of others. It makes me think of when it’s my time.

Being a blessing to other people can look like a smile in the am, a “bitch you look mad good” IRL and on IG, showing love bigly to people. And as often as you can.

It can be anything.

🌴 = 🙃

🍦= 🥴

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