rare thoughts

I fall in love at least 2 times a day

“there’s so many police out, and i still don’t feel safe” -Simone, Miami, FL – Art Basel

Larry June is turning into who Dom Kennedy was supposed to be (to us) 🥴

If you want to overpower negativity, you have to undervalue positive reinforcement.

Remember: when you’re overfed, it’s hard to be hungry. Learn to work for everything you want. Don’t be spoiled. Don’t expect everything to be given to you. Actually, don’t expect anything to be given to you. Work for your shit.

Stop eating like health care is free. Watch what you put in your body.

I can’t stand behind movements that are led by white women EVEN IF it’s “geared” toward the equality of “all women”. Something about white women leading movements feels cheap – as if they always need someone else to stand in solidarity with them. Learn to stand alone.

I will always work to be someone that others would want to sit down and share meal with.

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