I pray to one day meet someone

someone whose love teaches me to love myself more

someone who truly sees me without having to adjust his lenses myself

someone who chases God fervently – who knows our union could have only come from God and cherishes it more than gold or riches or phat booty bitches

someone kind and compassionate – who will give his last – especially to a stranger

someone who looks at me and sees no limits on love

someone who sees me and believes I’m the true definition of love

someone who worships the ground I walk on and allows me to do it back

someone who kisses my momma on the cheek every time he sees her

someone who kisses my wounds and tells me they bring out my eyes (:

or my ass.

someone I don’t have to teach how to love me but chooses me to be his teacher every single time

someone who is invested in discovering the deepest parts of my psyche and won’t run away from my darkness

who always sees the light at the end of my tunnel

someone who sees my heart without having to stomp upon it first to find out if it’s still beating

someone who prays for me as if his life depended on it

who dances with me in perfect sync

someone who calls me out on my shit because he only wants me to be the best I can be in Christ

someone who redefines what love means for us every single day

someone who I don’t have to play trial and error in love with

someone who appreciates me for me from day 1

someone sure of me

someone sure of us

someone who is happy to be here and views life as a gift

someone who understands the importance of putting others before themselves

someone who loves with their whole heart – everything and everyone especially

someone who smiles every time he sees me

someone who understands the importance of life in joy

someone who is already whole and isn’t looking for me to fix his pieces but to enhance his work of Art

someone who would never say “she’s cute for a darkskin girl” to any woman

someone who sees generations of love when he looks at me

someone who wants to leave the world more beautiful than he found it

someone who chooses me every single day


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