Do you think cops feel bad for shooting and killing our people? Do you think they ever feel bad? (Serious question) Because they do it so often, it feels like it’s an awful fucking game of who can be the best celebrity in the cop world?? That’s what it’s giving. There have reportedly 120 cop killings since George Floyd’s death. These numbers could be higher or lower. ultimately, It’s sick. The senseless of it all and the lack of care is truly of the devil. They have allowed the devil to overtake their spirit and I’m honestly terrified of the consequences God is going to inflict upon them in eternal life. An eternal hell.

Think about it.

I think some folks out here really forget that we DIE at some point. Like………..this life shit is not forever. Heaven and hell is real. How you move on earth will reflect your eternal life. I promise you. Repent. Keep your heart and love in the right place. Move with caution. Move with love.

The goal is to be a soul…a kind soul, not simply a fleshly body. And only good souls truly leave their mark on the world. We must keep love at the root of everything we do, even in pain. The world will continue to try to use our trauma to harden us. kill us. Poison us.

But our strength rings on from years of blood of those before us. We are carrying our own baton. It’s personal. We’re tough.

God’s chosen people is real man.

And we will see it.



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