I don’t mean to sound like one of them “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” ass niggas, but hear me out.

Use this time wisely. Let go. Be free. Don’t force yourself to keep some shit up. It doesn’t matter. It’s okay if you looking kind wild right now.

Me too.

Nigga I cut my own hair yesterday.

Scary times.

Do whatever feels right right now. Whatever you feel like doing. Just do it in the crib. It doesn’t have to look like work work work, but it can.

God and life is really showed us what’s “not essential”. Many of these things we indulge in to look or feel our best are great (AND THATS OK, cuz same) but it don’t even matter in the grand scheme.

These jobs…the powers that be are crumbling. They can be working hard, but still crumbling. We gotta just be out here for ourselves. Advancing ourselves always. And those around us. can’t ever rely on these corporations man 😭 We gotta stay healthy 🍊, stay sexy, and fearless.

Focus on God son. It ain’t no better time to focus on God.

I think for humanity, we just collectively gotta let go of the look of shit, the shit that don’t matter at least. We gotta make not being a dickhead cool. To yourself and others. Praying for people who you don’t even know. Praying for yourself. For your family. Using this time to reaaaaaally be in the moment.


be good to yourself niggas

That be gentle shit real man even tho it sound soft

Trying to be that with myself as I freak out with life but also enjoy the ride.

Stay up my niggas

Have fun.

Enjoy yourself.

Do some shit for the first time in the crib.

Learn something new

Take a nap.

Everything is going to work itself out cuz we’re not coming back to the same world, and because we’re not sure what that looks like exactly, we might as well be optimistic about it ahead of time.

This shit forcing us to be more way more conscious, even if we already were and I like dat shit



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