just listen

Sometimes you need to allow other people to spill into you. Not pour, but spill. (Spills can be disgustingly beautiful and sometimes toxic accidents. Pouring is just out of pocket any way you spin it, so nah).

Allow them to expel and tell you whatever it is they’re dealing with. Deepest thoughts, random thoughts, goofy shit. Just listen. Don’t offer any unsolicited advice. If it’s funny, laugh.

But just listen.

This isn’t just a “look at me trying to do better moment”, it’s also an opportunity to get out of your own head and world, even if just for a moment.

Many times people just need an ear they feel they can trust, even if just in that split moment. I’ve noticed a lot of people do not have anyone they truly feel as though they can trust and talk to and to me, that’s wild. I want to help in any way I can especially for my people. Especially for all Black women. Especially for Black men. Especially for those who can’t speak/up for themselves (and there’s levels to this specifically). So if that’s me, great. If not, that’s great too.

I feel overly blessed to be around beautiful Black women and men I trust on a daily basis. It’s a blessing. It affirms the trust you have within yourself. So when/if people do this to you, try not to be dismissive, and be glad someone felt some kind of divine energy between you two to express themselves. Take a moment.

Slow down

Appreciate being trusted in that space, especially with people you‘re just meeting. Don’t over do it though. Just be you.

And while all of this sounds amazing or like some “life changing shit” (cuz it is), always take into account that you’re also human as fuck, so never feel as though you have to do more than you feel like you can. Not should, but can cuz you always gotta be real with yourself. Understand that you don’t always have to listen. Know your limits. We got our own shit going on too. And some shit is just ratchet and unproductive. Those are admissible passes.

But if you can take a moment for someone else one of these days (doesn’t have to be today either), the universe will thank and reward you so just listen.

Rest in perfect peace Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant, the Altobelli family, Chester family and others.



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