More than anything

More than anything

It literally felt like I was being pushed out of the gates of hell.

It’s the last Sunday of the decade, niggas! WOW!

2019 was wild and all I can say is that I’m extremely grateful to be here. From suicide attempts, to not being able to get out of bed due to depression, to crying for days straight, to not knowing myself, I’d been through it all. To finally reach the point of true healing (and still doing so) and overwhelming self love, I can only be grateful to God.

It’s crazy, you go through situations in life bending your brain trying to figure out how to withstand something, overcome it, or forget it, but it often seems impossible, especially when the situation or thing is “that bad”. There were a number of experiences I’ve had this year alone in which I believed there was no way out of and to just accept it.

The minute I put my own pride and ego aside and surrendered everything to God, the blessings really came in the door like this.

Deadass 😭

I just want to use this last post of the year to discuss what I learned most about life, myself, or whatever the fuck going on around here cuz it’s WILD, yet beautiful.

1. God can do things our own puny human scope cannot ever imagine on our own.

I feel like I’ve been rewarded with a new life. I could have never imagined that my life would be what it’s like now, just 6 months ago. Everything was different then. My sight was hazy, and I was lost. I was granted a second chance to really live the life I’ve always wanted to, and I am. Give into the notion that you don’t need to be in control of everything. Do your best, be a good person, and the rest will come, effortlessly.

2. Kindness and gratitude can take you places you could only dream of.

Intentionally having a good heart and being dedicated to giving love to everyone will change your life. I often get asked “How are you seemingly so positive all the time?” And it’s simply because I choose to actively give out the energy I would like to receive in return. Energy is a revolving door. Everything you put in, you get out. We understand this in business and will best match these sentiments as we are cultivating our lives and pushing our work ethic, but if you keep this same energy with how you treat people, life will propel instantly.

Remember folks, “If you out here finessing, you blocking yo blessings.”

3. Take time to cultivate a relationship with God if you are ready to live an extraordinary life. Understand that you don’t have to be perfect to get here. Take time learn how God best communicates with you.

I didn’t actively seek God until I was ready to end my last relationship (imagine that). I prayed heavily and asked for clarity and true guidance on how to maneuver about this situation. When you pray to God for clarity, especially when that clarity involves the addition or removal of something, you HAVE to be ready. Believe it or not, this was NOT me in that situation:

I took it and ran, and it was a blessing

Even if you’re unsure and teeter a bit, you know the sign will come and you have to just be prepared to take it and run. Don’t second guess any signs from God, especially the ones you blatantly asked for. After that break up, things were extremely tough but I knew I would be okay. I communicated more with God, I gave more praise, I showed boundless gratitude, and developed an unbreakable relationship to the point of truly feeling as though my alignment is now a skill. I’ll pick up on a sign, and really be off this because I instantly caught it.

I’ve learned that God best communicates with me through other people, and it’s not always easy, but most times it is easy to discern when something is or is not for me. Spiritual clarity is the best gift of life and that can only be done by putting God at the center of your world.

4. Finding God is not as difficult as it appears

I’d always been envious of those who appeared to have God in their lives and upset with myself because just going to church and reading the Bible could not get me to that point. I thought something was wrong with me because I just didn’t know what I was doing wrong to cultivate the relationship. It wasn’t until I visualized and put words to what I believe God represents (peace, forgiveness, humility, light, joy, etc) and began to embody those characteristics within myself that life began to move. Take that route if you’ve been having trouble. And take your time with it – it’s not easy. Communicate, freely.

5. God moves

The moment you’re ready to take that leap of faith (no pun), your world changes instantly. You’ll feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders, you’ll feel more at peace naturally, you’ll feel humbly powerful. Don’t ever think that anything you’re going through cannot be fixed, healed, sorted, or figured out. You will never lack anything, you just have to be ready to cultivate that relationship. God moves and moves FAST. Just be ready.

I’m not Preachy Patty by any means (y’all see me regularly wylin out on the gram) but I do think it’s imperative to share my experience simply because I want more people around me, the people I encounter, and really just anyone to live in a world of true peace, inner harmony, and optimal love for self and others. My life is a blessing and those around me, their lives are too. We all deserve this. This is why everybody receives love from me. My perfect world only includes people who live in joy, gratitude, and appreciation. Doesn’t mean there is not an understanding that bad days and bad situations can happen, but everything is mindset. Mind over matter always wins.

I really feel like Ye. Conventionally, we don’t appear to be examples of God-fearing individuals, but the exemplary example of God’s grace. Remember God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called.


I say all of this to say, look back at your last decade and dedicate yourself to betterment in every facet moving forward. Whatever that means to you. Do good. Be good. Be generous. Be kind. Live in spaces of joy, and just have a great fucking time. 2020 going uppppppppppppppp.

*cues Thugger ft. Keed ‘Goin Up’*


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