A different kind of conversation on being humble

…and your not so average concert review…

What you’re about to read is my most recent experience at the Young Thug concert yesterday night, October 22, 2019, at the Anthem. The following is a review of the show as I’m watching it with a bit of aimless banter I’m noticing in real time sprinkled throughout. All I will say, is keep up. Enjoy!

Why do you have to be humble when you came from nothing?

I’m currently at the Young Thug show at The Anthem, and I’m watching this black man perform. This black man, who’s come from the projects, specifically Jonesboro South Projects, Atlanta, is just here dominating the stage. He’s controlling everything within the room with his music. It’s all energy. He’s fucking special.

There are so many different kinds of people in here. Every color, shade, race, and they’re all here to celebrate this phenomenal black man. I’m amazed. Some people really transcend life. Thugger transcends life with his music, man. The graphics are something that I’ve never seen before.


Thugger is one of the best stars I’ve ever seen perform live, and he’s the only artist I’ve seen so far in my lifetime command the stage in this way. It’s very bad bitch energy. I don’t know if that’s because of who I’ve seen in concert thus far, or if he’s just really THAT incredible… I’d still venture to say the latter (and no, I have not yet seen Beyoncè live).

~side note: I love the wave of sassy bad bitch rappers: Carti, Uzi, etc. it’s…familiar, in the best way~

What he’s wearing is also fiiiiiire.

*cues Just How It Is*

“I can show you how to walk like you got decimals, bitch”


According to Vogue Magazine’s Rachel Hahn, Thug is sporting a Bond Hardware leather harness as well as the most pristine jewels from Eliantte. Whole fit coke white, which was fire, but he had some ugly ass sneakers on. Just like a nigga to fuck up a good fit with bad shoes.


⚡️Outfit: 925.5/1000 🥔🥔🥔

There’s a lot of interesting shit I’m noticing in here. For instance, the white people here are just weird man. Many of them I’m noticing are looking around at each other for when to go up for this black man, almost as if permission or validation is needed. Shits weird but they’re weird by nature so I actually kinda find it cute, funny, and corny 🥴.

Sue me.

We black people as an entire conglomerate need to come to the conclusion that white people really just weird as fuck and their brains work completely differently due to privilege (and it’s the harsh reality). The thing is, WE already know this is the case, and it’s fine because they’re just being themselves and many times maneuver through the lens of unintentional ignorance (not all but shit, most); however, many be wylin and trying to overly use their white privilege for evil. Shit is stupid as fuck. I say overly because there ARE “normal” levels of white privilege usage.

Exhibit A:

The “I WAS TOLD BY APPLE CAREwhite privilege:

This is shameless white privilege. Not very harmful at all. Quick to embarrass themselves just to have their own way. This is the shit WE laugh at.

Exhibit B:

The “Bitch Are You Dumb” white privilege:

This form of white privilege CAN be dangerous, but it’s often so fucking stupid and goofy, it COMPLETELY backfires on them and they ruin their whole shit because they didn’t know how to mind their business. Whew, chile. One day they’ll learn.

Then there are those who use their power for evil, to be hurtful, and/or to kill. I would list all of the unjust killings and abuse of Black bodies by the whites, but y’all would be here reading all night.

That’s when everything goes wrong – when these white folks are sitting on their high horses. It’s cowardly as hell. Too much dip on ya chip, bucko. Relax.

If I were white, I’d be the fucking Queen of white people cuz I wouldn’t go for any of that shit. I’d be kind to everyone. I’d talk to everyone. All races. All shades. All genders. We’re all equal and we all can be out here getting money together 🤝 I’ma help who I can out of love because that’s just the right thing to do. It’s all the fucked up system that’s made this shit get to their heads. Shit goofy forreal. White folk, take note. Tighten up. Y’all looking real weak in the human category.

When instantly thinking of the queen or king of white people, I thought of Gary Vee. He’s the only white figure that I see across multiple platforms that “seemingly” gets along with ‘everyone’ and when I say everyone, I mean people from various walks of life….correct me if I’m wrong.


It’s also really interesting to see how different people and different cultures enjoy Young Thug. He’s such a polarizing figure, electrifying, if you will. Everyone hears and experiences him differently. It’s beautiful.

While watching niggas being serenaded by this songstress (myself included), we do our own cool little juug to his joints. Shit be very chill but still looks wavy. I love my people.

I’ve ALSO been noticing white people doing their own moves as he performs as well. They do this weird white ass off beat diddy bop dance. If you’ve ever gone to a concert and seen a white person dance, you know exactly what Im talking about. I’m sorry. But the visual. Whew. It’s cute, pure, and corny, in the best and most awkward way possible.

It looks something like this:

Ok, we off white people for now.

I just had a moment where I was THAT person who was so stuck trying to pull their fucking phone out to record him, that I completely missed some of the good shit. It’s like in 2019, niggas can’t just look up and enjoy the show in cuz we need a fucking memory for later – UGH! I looked down for one second and the next moment I look up, there’s a fucking swing on stage that he’s swinging on. If I was focused on the stage, I would’ve seen how the whole thing got set up. SMH.


As I continue watching the show, I’m noticing how basic Thugger’s graphics, yet so incredible at the same time.

Mind is really blown.

They are VERY simple… cars, flames, thunder, graphics of him, smoke, snakes, and lights that could induce an epileptic seizure. Nothing wildly intricate, but interestingly spectacular. That’s why simplicity is always best. You don’t have to strain your brain. You know niggas gon still fuck with the simple yet intriguing shit regardless.

Just wow.


⚡️ Graphics: 1500/1000 🥔🥔🥔

I’m doing all the goofy ass shit at concerts that I’ve never done before. Like putting my phone up as a lighter like a fuckin lame or throwing my hand up to come on stage when they ask who wants to come on stage for the next song LMAO. Waving my hand hard as shit all the way from the back. Goof Troop shit.

I used to think that the girls or women that did that at concerts and shows were ratchet or maybe something worse, scandalous hoes, but now, I see them as individuals who’ve decided to make the most out of every experience and situation.

I am now one of the scandalous hoes. Full circle moment.

Aside from the jokes, I’m also incredibly inspired. I’m inspired by seeing a black man come into his own like this. His journey from Barter 6 to So Much Fun is truly an experience one could only be blessed to have experienced. I am so proud of him. From human to human. From black woman to black man, I’m proud and I pray for his continued success.

⚡️Experience: 3000/1000 🥔🥔🥔

If you want your edges to be left at the venue, you gotta see Young Thug in concert, man.

🐍Final thoughts🐍

It’s nearing the end of the show. I can tell because he’s talking about The London.

Thugger, J. Cole, and Travis Scott really GOT ONE and transcended genres with “The London,” man. This is that crossover record for all three of them collectively, that doesn’t reek of “sellout.” This explains the very massive boost of stardom that “seeeeeeemingly came out of nowhere” for Thugger on a very MAINSTREAM level just before the release of So Much Fun, but I say this respectfully.

They transcended through multiple genres with hip-hop, man. This shit is fucking beautiful. It’s new age. It’s fresh. It’s fun. It’s the perfect radio song that seems like it wouldn’t get too annoying if it randomly came up on your shuffle. Amazing. Very proud of them.

I would still say I’d rather the concert NOT be closed out with this song because I can hear this on the radio or in anybody’s club. Instead, I would’ve preferred the show end with either “Power (Slime Season) or Daddy’s Birthday (Beautiful Thugger Girls) so I could’ve fallen into a coma. Nonetheless, The London was still a great close out song. As a rapper or hip-hop artist, when you reach all types of people with your music, you gotta end your show with the track all the white people would know as well. You know they cry if they feel left out. It’s in the Bible.

⚡️Total score: 5,478/3,000 🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔

(my math wrong)

Grade 183% = A++++

THIS IS BLACK EXCELLENCE. I stan a legend. Thank you for your art, Thugger. Thank for you for this experience. You are truly one of a kind.

In short, FUCK being humble. This man doesn’t do shit on the humble, and I want to do everything JUST like him. I used to think you must live life incredibly modestly to receive endless blessings from God or your higher power. I spoke to God and He said that shit is a dub. You work hard for your shit? Talk your shit. Be flashy. Do whatever the fuck you want. Just be a great person, give love, and show gratitude and you can move however you want in this lifetime. 🙏🏾


Enjoy some videos of my favorite Thugger songs! #shotoniPhone

Hot (Young Thug ft. Gunna) – So Much Fun

Killed Before – Super Slimey

ps. the grading scale IS in potatoes (a nigga loves potatoes)

pps. cuz I said so.


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