does Jesus need a rebrand?

I want to preface this post by saying that much of what I write about on a regular basis is about how I feel presently and what’s going on in my head. Generally it’s fairly complex and/or uncomfortably transparent because it’s me actively working through my emotions on paper.

And other times, it just be smacked ass thoughts, as this one below.

I’m currently a bit disturbed but I don’t know if I should be. I’m honestly leaning toward that the fact that I shouldn’t be, but I really don’t know.

Let me paint the picture.

Saturday Night, Girl’s Night In…it’s a handful of beautiful black women here ranging from ages 25-60. It’s the girls night in where you might hear some Meg Thee Stallion, but Anita Baker directly after (still painting the picture). The woman within this Girls Night In that has sparked this seemingly disturbing and conflicting debate in my head is a bit of an older woman – probably in her 50’s or so. She gives off the auntie that you don’t like that much cuz you think she’s a little weird for all the wrong reasons, but she still cool as shit, and you don’t have any issues with her…that gives you a decent idea of how she MIGHT appear to the world.

Disclaimer: I promise y’all I’m not being judgy, this is just an observation.


Much to my surprise, this delightful woman is a pastor. How wholesome and righteous, right? When I learned this, it really made my heart smile.

As the night continues on, the pastor, we’ll call her Pastor Shirley, and the rest of the circle play a game of Never Have I Ever around the circle. Never played Never Have I Ever with a pastor before but COOL LMAO. I think it’s fun. We continue to drink and play….thennnnn I swear I put my head down for a quick moment, and in the next moment, a blunt is lit and on Pastor Shirley’s lips!

This was literally me confused, looking around the room like “you niggas see this shit?”


I’m watching the pastor smoke some damn weed.

I know this should be okay and it IS okay… but it threw me the FUCK off. How many pastors do y’all know that be blowing down like it’s their favorite pastime? If you answered NONE, I’m right with you.

I need to show y’all this conflicting shit in my brain as it’s happening. This is me just trying to understand it. Understand, smacked…understand, a little tipsy.

Take a look below:

I am cackling all over again. It was a complete mental breakdown of what the fuck? What am I witnessing? And how did we even get here? But then I had to dial back…

The SECOND thing I thought of was “I’m never going to her church.” 😭 In hindsight, it’s sick that I felt this way… or maybe it feels like it’s sick to have felt this way. Why did I feel that way? Jesus doesn’t judge so He isn’t scolding her, right? But then maybe He IS! Maybe He’s really looking at her like:

You think He’s thinking, “they supposed to be putting on out here for me but they doing this shit instead!?”

I. Don’t. Know.

Is this not an interesting conversation or am I smacked? Lmfaooo because WHY the hell would Jesus care if you or a pastor smoked weed? I know someone has thought of this or maybe I’m really just not shit. Damn.


I Googled it but the results honestly look stupid.

Take a look:

wut da hale

From porn to pot!? Is smoking weed a sin!? A SIN!? WHY CHRISTIANS SHOULDN’T SMOKE POT!? Huhhhh. What bible are these niggas reading from!? It GOTTA be white Jesus cuz that isn’t my Black King.

I know people who smoke weed that are incredible, God-fearing individuals; people I trust greatly. It’s corny that people out here googling and wondering “is smoking weed a sin” so much so that there are whole academic dissertations dedicated to this shit. Niggas did research on this shit. I’m not ever picking up their bible. It’s probably still off its “Here Yee, Here Yee” shit because it’s not present. It’s stupid (maybe it’s not, but I think it is).

Honestly, it’s comes down to your personal relationship between God and yourself…your own unique spirituality.


To tie it back to the original point, does that fact change due to Pastor Shirley being a pastor!? Lmaoooo honestly the visual is just hilarious. I’d be in the mix, enjoying the conversation and listening to and watching everyone enjoy the music and relaxing, then seeing PASTOR SHIRLEY IN THE CORNER JUST GETTING HIGH. When I first saw it, it honestly looked like she was smoking crack, and I feel AWFUL for having felt this way. The visual just ain’t right.

just awful. i ain’t shit.

That’s wild. We put pastors on this pedestal but is it necessary? Hmph. Maybe it is?!? But…like maybe it’s not. Damn. I’m conflicted, once again.

What it all comes down to is the fact that Jesus MIGHT need a rebrand. Charlemagne said it himself on The Brilliant Idiots. I don’t know man, but it doesn’t sound half bad. Marketing gurus?? Gary Vee!? What do you have to say about this!?


Anyway, I just wanted to share this with y’all. Should pastors be put on particular pedestals to where they can’t do regular shit? And while you ponder this, don’t think of 62 year old Pastor Tunde and don’t think of TD Jakes.

This makes me wonder with all of the millennial pastors coming up, should we humanize them more in this present age? I think we should. I really bang with them and love to see it. I love to see anyone, especially those within my age group, praising the Lord out loud so it’s an interesting take on if church, Jesus, and the like will get or needs rebranding or if it’s even necessary at all.

I don’t know y’all. Please. Share your thoughts. I’d love to know what you think.

Just a reminder folks, if you wanna avoid going down these rabbit holes,


4 responses to “does Jesus need a rebrand?”

  1. This was funny!!! But I agree, Jesus does need a rebrand and PEOPLE need their own personal relationship with him. That’s the start. Smoking weed isn’t sinful either.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I completely agree! The Bible mentions being sober minded a number of times but this honestly means being free of intoxicating influences. Some folks claim to not get intoxicated by said weed. LOL I guess it depends on who you ask. Thanks for reading and chatting, E Boogie!


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