What Telfar Taught Us

Fusing exclusivity and accessibility, Telfar has redefined the meaning of community. With the release of their one-day-only Bag Security Program back in August, which allowed shoppers ONE DAY to purchase any of their favorite bags, Telfar gave a “FUCK YOU!” to resellers and a glimmer of hope to their doting customers. But aside from the… Continue reading What Telfar Taught Us

6 Types of Niggas on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s and Gyalentine’s Day, niggas! Today is a day to celebrate ourselves and others in the name of love! In doing so, I’ve created a guide of the different types of niggas that exist on Valentine’s Day. Ladies, you’ll know which one you have (or don’t have), and gentlemen, you’ll know which one you… Continue reading 6 Types of Niggas on Valentine’s Day